Future Wine Expo 2020


As the buzz around Artificial Intelligence, Voice, Consumer Behaviour, 3-Tier System, Blockchain continues to grow, the opportunity has arisen for organisations to get ahead of the game and start understanding how all of this could impact their business.

The potential for the future tech to transform your business is truly groundbreaking. From unlocking productivity gains to enhancing customer experience, the benefits are there for all to see.

Future Wine Expo is an experience like no other, packed with conference sessions over a 2-day period where attendees will also be able to learn about the current status of the industry and opportunities. What you will witness during these two days will be something you will remember long afterward.

Infos pratiques

  • 12 mai au 13 mai

    De 09h00 à 16h00

  • Sonoma County Fairgrounds

    1350 Bennett Valley Rd 95404 Santa Rosa

  • Gratuit